A Prescription Scar Treatment Customized to Your Unique Scar and Skin Type

For reduced appearance, softening, and even dramatic fading of your scar, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy’s prescription scar formulas are customized for your unique skin and skin type.

Effective on:

Old Scars

Older or established scars can see significant improvement from treatment with our scar gel. While results may vary, many patients notice improvements in coloration, softening of the scar, and even dramatic fading. Depending on your skin type and the type of scar, treatment times will vary.

New Scars

Our personalized compound scar and wound formulas can help scar tissue from forming.

Surgical Incisions:

Most likely your doctor will recommend waiting to apply any wound/scar treatment until stitches, staples, tape, or bandages are removed or are no longer necessary.

After which time, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gel can be applied directly on surgical incisions as long as the incision is closed and there are no open wounds present. You can find out more about our wound care here: fusionspecialtypharmacy.com


Newly Healed Injuries:

For optimal use of Fusion Scar Gel, injuries should be in the stage of forming new skin and scabs are no longer present. If your injury is still open and having a difficult time healing, we would recommend our wound care treatment until the area is fully healed. You can find out more about our wound care here: fusionspecialtypharmacy.com


Acne of the face, neck, and torso (chest, back, and shoulders) can often result in deep tissue pitting, hard scarring, peeling, redness of the skin and even be painful. Fusion Specialty Pharmacy can formulate a treatment that helps reduce these side effects of acne.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Acne Scar Gel can be applied as a generalized treatment anywhere acne is present.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a result of rapid body growth that is usually associated with pregnancy, weight gain, bodybuilding, and changes in hormones such as puberty. Collagen forming cells are unable to keep up which results in dermal and epidermal tearing.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Stretch Mark Scar Gel is specially formulated to address color abnormalities, and stimulate collagen growth, thereby reducing the redness and lines.

C-Section Scars

Cesarean section or ‘C-section’ scars are subject to the same problems and abnormalities of any surgical scar such as discoloration and overgrowth of skin tissue making the incision sight appear red and hard.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gel for c-sections is specially formulated to lighten and soften the incision area.

Surgical Scars

Every surgical procedure that requires an incision can leave a scar. Fusion Specialty Pharmacy will work closely with you and your doctor to formulate the best scar treatment for your skin type and location of your scar.


Keloid scars form as a result of collagen overgrowth. They are typically firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary in color from pink or brown to the color of the patient’s skin. Keloid scars also grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound and are often painful.

There is a strong genetic link to keloid formation such that ethnic groups with highly pigmented skin are 15 times more likely to develop them than Caucasians.

Many patients with keloid scars have reported that Fusion Specialty Pharmacy’s Scar Gel therapy has softened their scars, improved discoloration, and even reduced the pain associated with keloid scars.


Hypertrophic scars are characterized by excessive amounts of collagen, which cause the scar to be raised off the surface of the skin. They are similar to a keloid scar, but are not as severe and don’t extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound.

Patients who use Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gel for hypertrophic scars have reported a softening and lightening of the affected area.


Burns have a wide spectrum of severity. The risk of scarring depends on many factors such as age, ethnic origin, depth and location of the burn, as well as severity.

Less severe burns usually heal in less than 10 days and generally have no scarring, while more severe burns usually take more than 14 days to heal and put you at risk of scarring.

Scars from second or third-degree burns are also prone to contracture, which is when the skin surrounding a burn begins to pull together. Contracture needs to be treated as soon as possible because the scar can result in restricted movement around the injured area.

Depending on the severity of the burn, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gel can be applied directly to the burn to help eliminate or minimize scarring.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Scars

Many of our patients see results in just days, others within weeks, but all have experienced their unsightly scar reduced in appearance or even eliminated.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gel is specially formulated for you! We work closely with you and your doctor to monitor your progress and results. Because our Scar Gel is made from scratch, if your formula needs adjusting, we can do that and continue monitoring your progress.

I honestly didn’t think it would do anything because my scar is 28 years old but after two months it shrunk in half!

Kim Davidson
Actual Patient

I loved watching my scars disappear! I’d recommend this to anyone!

Erin Storrs
Actual Patient

Customized Scar Treatment

Your skin type and scar are unique to you. Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gels are compounded to work best for your skin type and scar type.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gels go on smooth and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or stain your clothing.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy uses only the highest quality FDA approved ingredients from PCCA and are independently tested to meet USP Standards. Fusion Specialty Pharmacy is PCAB nationally accredited, licensed and shipping to multiple states.

Available for All Skin Types

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy Scar Gels are made from FDA approved high quality ingredients. Every compound prescription is created individually in our state-of-the-art facility and is pharmacists verified for accuracy and purity.

Fusion Specialty Pharmacy is nationally accredited, licensed and shipping to multiple states, and we work with most insurance companies. For more information about our accreditation and affiliations, please visit the links below.

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  • Laser treatments only brought minimal improvement [but] Fusion scar gel was then tried with significant improvement…

    Wandra Miles, M.D.
  • “I noticed the first changes in the first two weeks.”

    Veronica C.
  • “The scar gel stops the itch, controls the pain, has lightened the skin changing it from purple and red back to normal, and made [my scars] flatter.”

    Maureen M.
  • The results have made me feel wonderful…I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend or family member.

    Sheri M.
  • Scars that I have had for years seemed to blend away with my natural skin and become less noticeable.  I would definitely recommend the gel to anyone…

    Sharrod Smith
  • “My [acne] scars are starting to fade and I have noticed that my skin is starting to even out.”

    Brittany H.
  • “I have noticed current acne healing much faster than normal and old scars starting to fade.”

    Sue M.
  • “My stretch marks are getting smaller, and less noticeable even while I am pregnant.”

    Emily Newman