My name is Sharrod Smith and I was privileged enough to be able to use the scar gel by Fusion Specialty Pharmacy. I used the gel for scars on my upper shoulders and the right side of my ribs. The scars were made from deep tears that all were obtained by contact with sharp metal. I probably should have gotten stitches for them but I often use a tough guy rub some dirt in it approach. My results using the gel were excellent. The gel itself is very smooth and doesn’t burn in the least. It comes in a very easy to use container that is designed so as to not spill when using or storing. The gel is very cool and blends in perfectly with your skin, I have a very dark complexion and didn’t feel the gel stood out on my skin. For the months that I used it, the gel worked really well. Scars that I have had for years seemed to blend away with my natural skin and became less noticeable.  I would definitely recommend the gel to anyone who may be self-conscious of scars that they have. It was a good way for me to remedy my mistake in not getting stitches. It’s easy to use, barely noticeable and most importantly it works!