“I was really surprised when I first used the cream because it felt so thick and oily in my hand, but was actually very light on my face. I immediately noticed a smoothing of my skin. It feels softer. If I go swimming and just use moisturizer on my skin afterwards, I can tell a difference. My skin doesn’t have that same soft feeling to it that it does with the scar cream. I have noticed current acne healing much faster than normal and old scars starting to fade. I have used many different scar creams in the past to help reverse the effects of my acne scars. I haven’t found any satisfying, but with this cream I noticed a change right away and that gave me hope. I am really enjoying it so far and excited to see what the coming months bring.”

Sue M.

“We tried just about every scar cream and acne treatment to help my son’s acne with no success. One treatment even turned his fingernails gray! Fusion Specialty Pharmacy’s scar cream is the first treatment that has actually reduced his acne and healed his scars. Thank you Fusion Specialty Pharmacy!”

Laura O.

“I have been using the acne scar cream morning and night. My scars are starting to fade and I have noticed that my skin is starting to even out. Its surprisingly moisturizing too!”

Brittany Hesch

Stretch Marks

“My stretch marks are getting smaller, and less noticeable even while I am pregnant! My husband recently commented that my stretch marks were disappearing.”

Emily Newman

“My red stretch marks are fading and becoming skin colored. They are becoming less noticeable.”

Veronica C.

Old Scars

“I honestly didn’t think it would do anything because my scar is 28 years old but after two months it shrunk in half!”

Kim Davidson

“I’ve been using the scar cream for 6 weeks on a large scar I have had for nearly 20 years. The cream has not irritated my skin and I can already see signs of my scar fading.”

Stan M.

New Scars

Surgical Scars / Cosmetic Surgery

“I have a patient who has a history of developing thick scars in the past. As expected, she developed thick, red hypertrophic scars after a breast reduction. Laser treatments only brought minimal improvement. Fusion scar gel was then tried with significant improvement in the appearance of the scars. When she underwent additional surgery, we did not hesitate to use Fusion scar gel and to date the results have been just as impressive.”

Wandra Miles, M.D.

“My scars are less and less purple and more flesh colored which makes them less noticeable.”

Tom Carlisle

“I’m a homemaker. My children are all grown and my husband and I live in Montana. We like to travel a bit. Last October I had a torn tendon in my foot and it ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery and that is how I developed such a terrible scar on my foot. I contacted the people at Fusion Specialty Pharmacy who have been wonderful to work with. They helped me start using Fusion scar gel last June. My scar wasn’t a real new scar because I had the surgery done in October but it has just gotten better all the time. It’s a very easy application. I rub the gel on my scar twice a day and I’ve seen significant results and I’m very happy. At first I was very conscious of it because it was on the top of my foot. I didn’t like to wear sandals or shoes because I didn’t like how the scar looked so I would cover it with a cosmetic cream to help hide the scar, but I don’t do that anymore. It’s not as noticeable. I can still see it but it is nowhere near as noticeable as it was. The results have made me feel wonderful. I’m very happy with my results. I’m very pleased that I was able to use this product. I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend or family member.”

Sheri M.

Keloid & Other Scars

“I was impressed how quickly I noticed a difference after I started to use the scar cream. Within just few short weeks my scar was considerably less red and was leveling out. I was excited to see it actually start to shrink and disappear. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next 45 days of use!”

Spencer Walker

“I had two bad keloid scars develop after having two moles removed. Just in the first few weeks of using Fusion Specialty Pharmacy’s scar gel my scars are softer, less red and they are starting to shrink.”

Kathy M.

“I get terrible keloid scars that are very itchy, painful, and raised. The scar gel by Fusion Specialty Pharmacy stops the itch, controls the pain, has lightened the skin changing it from purple and red back to normal, and made them flatter. I have been using the scar gel everyday for 2 years. My kids both have keloids and I am currently trying to get their physician to prescribe it for them. A little bit of scar gel goes a long way, dries fast, and leaves no grease stains on my clothes. I apply it to 7 or 8 scars that I have.”

Maureen M.

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